Pakistan Business Council (PBC)

PBC represents big businesses, enterprises with substantial investments in manufacturing and the financial sector. PBC aim’s to promote and facilitate the integration of Pakistani businesses into World economy and encourage the development of Pakistani companies.

Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance (PICG)

The PICG undertakes activities geared towards achieving good corporate governance and creating an enabling environment for implementation of the Code of Corporate Governance effectively. PICG is focused on encouraging professional interaction between members and enhance competitiveness of local corporations.

CSR Association of Pakistan

The CSR Association of Pakistan promotes CSR principles and practices to businesses in Pakistan to makes companies more innovative, productive, and competitive.

All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA):

APCMA is the apex body of the cement manufacturers of Pakistan. It is registered body under section 3 of the Trade Organization Ordinance 2007 wide license no 14, dated April 26, 2008 issued by Ministry of Commence. It was incorporated on14th of September 1992 under section 32 of the Companies Ordinance 1984.

Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI):

The Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry enjoys singular distinction of being the premier Chamber of Pakistan, representing the mainstream of economic activities by virtue of its location in the industrial and commercial hub of the country. It was established in 1959 through the amalgamation of four trade bodies in Karachi at that time, namely, the Pakistan Merchants Association, Buyers and Shipper Chamber of Commerce Pakistan and All Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Their vision is to improve the business environment and economic well-being of Pakistan, specially the Karachi city, by providing value to members and becoming the most respected and relevant voice of the business community.

Management Association of Pakistan (MAP):

The Management Association of Pakistan, was formed in 1964 to meet the impending demand for managerial talent within the country, consequent to the rapid increase in industrialization. The Association is a non-political and non-profit organization. It has been registered by guarantee with its registered office in Karachi since 1967. A Lahore Chapter has recently started working as well.
MAP has about 250 institutional and more than 495 individual members. MAP’s Institutional members contribute a significant portion of Pakistan’s GDP. MAP’s mandate is to further management thought, practice and advocacy.

Marketing Association of Pakistan:

Marketing Association of Pakistan (MAP) was founded in the year 1967 as a prestigious forum for the professional marketers. Besides individual members, almost every large multi-national and national organization has a MAP membership. The Association also has it Chapter in Lahore. MAP has about 1,000 individual and 100 institutional members. This Association enjoys patronage from the Government of Pakistan and is represented on the Advisory Council of the Ministry of Commerce.

Company Information

Details of Permissible business activities

To establish, take or give on lease all sorts of Cement Factories to carry on all or any of the business of manufacturers, sellers, dealers, workers in cement of all kinds, concrete asbestos, gypsum, coal, jute, hessian cloth, gunny bags, lime plaster, whiting, clay, bauxite, soapstone, ochres, pipes, pottery, earthenwares, artificial stone and manufacturers, builders and dyers of requisites and conveniences of all kinds.

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Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX: LUCK)
London Stock Exchange (LSE: LKCS)

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