Health, Safety And Environment

Lucky Cement is committed to cultivate an environment which ensures HSE embedded at its core. By fortifying our HSE goals with the pillars of perpetual progress, we are in pursuit of a 100% safe & secure workplace for our employees & all stakeholders engaged in our business operations. We are an ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certified organization and we continuously implement practices that offer health, safety & Environment development at our work place. Lucky Cement efficiently implements its HSE policies & procedures mitigating the accidental rate at its vicinities and reducing the risks of injury or health-hazards at the workplace. Lucky Cement also fosters a tradition of training and capacity-building of its employees with the best procedures and workshops. We envision a hazard-free setting and frequently invest in various tools & techniques to ensure that our employees are equipped with contemporary safety skills in their daily operations.

Occupational Health And Safety

Lucky Cement has taken safety measures according to the differences in the nature of the work environment at our Plants and Corporate Offices. At both the Plants, there is a dedicated HSE department which ensures necessary compliance with all health and safety related matters. The Operations teams at all locations fully collaborate in implementation of OH&S policies & procedures.

Fire Fighting and Mock Drills

Safety of our employees lies at the core of our operational frameworks. At Lucky Cement, we have made considerable efforts to equip our employees with fire- fighting skills to enable them to handle unforeseen emergencies. Skilled instructors at our Plants and Head Office conduct practical demonstrations along with theoretical explanations bi-annually, so that our employees get the knowledge and confidence required to cope with such situations.

Environmental Compliance and Activities

Being an ISO 14001 certified organization, Lucky Cement is fully aware of its obligations towards protection of the environment & strives to achieve legal compliance. All of our process emissions are tested by external EPA approved laboratories and results are openly shared with EPA on a monthly basis. Throughout the year all legal parameters remained within NEQS limits due to use of efficient technology and stringent process control. Apart from legal obligations, Lucky Cement goes the extra mile & focusses on environmental friendly activities such as trees plantation within factory premises and continuous sharing of environmental impact reducing ideas and tips with employees.

Consumer Protection Measure

In compliance with EN 197-II standards, a Conformity mark is imprinted on the packaging material of cement sold in the European Union markets. This informs the customers about certificate of consistency of the performance of the product and the safety measures to be taken such as suitable safety clothing, dust masks, etc. Along with this, Lucky Cement also provides a Safety Data Sheet to its consumers and users to ensure that they have all the necessary information about the product usage and any additional safety precautions that need to be taken.