Company Auditor

M/s, A.F. Ferguson & Co.
Chartered Accountants
A member firm of the PwC network

Election of Directors

  1. AGM Notice for Election of Director
  2. Proxy Forms
  3. List of Shareholders along with Addresses will be provided to the contesting candidates on their request according to SECP SRO having No. SRO.1222(I)/2015 dated December 10, 2015:
  4. Proxies details
  5. S.Profile of candidates contesting election

Legal Advisor

Fazleghani | Advocates
Office F-72/1, Block8,
KDA 5, Clifton,

Shariah Advisor

M/S. Alhamd Shariah Advisory Services (Private) Limited
Plot#64, Ibrahim Residency, Block-3, C.P. Berar Society,

Pattern of Shareholding

Pattern of shareholding as on June 30, 2023 Download