Implementation of sustainability into its core business operations has always been one of the major aims of Lucky Cement. The company has been successful in establishing a leadership position in the market by achieving this target in its strategic orientations..

All aspects of sustainability including efficient operational procedures, effective internal controls, ethical behavior, and energy conservation are integral part of our business model. Lucky Cement has come to a point where it has become imperative to work outside its comfort zone.

Environmentally Friendly Practices

Lucky Cement makes a great effort to ensure that the environment in and around its cement plants is not harmed in any way. The cement manufacturing processes include green operation to safeguard the atmosphere as well as the communities in the surrounding areas.

Health, Safety and Environment

Lucky Cement is committed to cultivate an environment which ensures HSE embedded at its core. By fortifying our HSE goals with the pillars of perpetual progress, we are in pursuit of a 100% safe & secure workplace for our employees & all stakeholders engaged in our business operations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Lucky Cement efficiently implements its HSE policies & procedures mitigating the accidental rate at its vicinities and reducing the risks of injury or health-hazards at the workplace. Lucky Cement also fosters a tradition of training and capacity-building of its employees with the best procedures and workshops. We envision a hazard-free setting and frequently invest in various tools & techniques to ensure that our employees are equipped with contemporary safety skills in their daily operations.