Corporate Briefing Session FY 2018-19

Corporate / analyst briefings are interactive sessions between the management of the Company and the investor community whereby the Company takes the opportunity to apprise the local and foreign investors about the business environment and economic indicators of the country, explain its financial performance, competitive environment in which the Company operates, investment decisions, challenges faced as well as business outlook. The Company uses different platforms in this regard such as road shows organized by the Pakistan Stock Exchange, foreign fund managers and local investment houses.

The idea behind the Company’s investor engagement through these briefings is to give the right perspective of the business affairs of the Company to the investors (both existing and potential) which helps them in making their investment decisions.

On May 3, 2019, the Company held a formal corporate briefing session on its financial performance and operational overview at the PSX Auditorium. The CFO briefed investors regarding the nine months financial statements of the financial year 2018-19 and Company’s investment plan for future years. Further, the CFO also highlighted the status of running projects related to its subsidiaries. Investors from all walks of life attended the event and showed great interest in the affairs of the company. The presentation was followed by a Question and Answer Session where some thought-provoking questions were put forward to the Management; which were very well addressed to the satisfaction of the audience.