Lucky Cement Limited - Pakistan’s first company to export sizable quantity of loose cement and it is the only cement manufacturer to have a loading and storage terminal at Karachi Port. This state-of-the-art project is based on the latest European technology and the first in South East Asia and Middle Eastern region. This terminal is equipped with logistical arrangements to carry loose cement, which is transferred to the port from our Karachi Plant via a fleet of especially designed cement bulkers, they are capable of off-loading loose cement into carrier ships directly through a unique compressor system installed on each vehicle. Each bulker can carry up to 75 tons of cement.

Our infrastructure at Karachi port is specially designed to transfer loose cement to the vessels in the shortest amount of time, making it efficient and reliable for reducing the vessels idle time , in turn making the shipments timely as per the customer requirements. We have installed cement storage silos at the port which are capable of storing 24,000 tons of cement. LCL has set up automatic ship loaders at the site to make a fully automatic loading from the silos when the vessels arrive. This system works at fast discharge rates and enables quick loading time, ensuring cement availability at the port anytime; thus playing a major role in increasing our export capacity. The loading capacity of this terminal is 12,000 tons of loose cement per day, which depends upon the size and construction of vessel(s). In order to store large amount of cement, four silos have been installed, each silo has a capacity to store around 6000 metric tons cement, and underground system has been designed to unload bulkers, store cement into silos and transfer required quantity of loose cement into vessels.

The whole system is designed on the basis of PLC (Programmable logic control) system. All processes go through a fixed repetitive sequence of operations that involves logical steps and decisions. PLCs are used to control time and regulate the system, the extraction of cement from bulkers and reloading in to vessels is processed though vacuum pumps and compressors, which operate through powerful generators. The cement transfer volumes attained through this system is approximately 500 metric tons per hour. A strong work force of skilled individuals, including engineers, technicians and labor are employed at the company’s terminal on port.

With this specialized work force, Lucky Cement is capable of loading around 2000 tons of bagged cement per day, and 3000 tons cement per day in sling bags. This record rate of loading is achieved through our well-trained stevedores who maintain load rate and utilize their capabilities to the maximum. To date, more than 50 million tons of loose cement has been exported through the plant installed at Karachi port.


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