Institute of Business Administration

  • 18 bright and deserving students studying at IBA on Lucky Cement sponsorship
  • Programs include BBA, BS and MBA
  • 25% to 100% scholarship depending upon their academic record and extent of financial assistance needed.
  • Total outlay incurred on IBA scholarships during the year amounted to Rs. 4,434,950.

Abdul Razzak Tabba Academic Block

In addition to the scholarships, LCL has constructed a new block "Abdul Razzak Tabba Academic Block" at IBA. The three-storied Abdul Razzak Tabba Academic Building covers an area of 51,300 square feet and accommodates classrooms, seminar and breakout rooms, faculty offices and computer labs. The new building will help in providing state-of-the-art facilities and a highly stimulating educational environment to the students of IBA.


Lahore University of Management Sciences

LCL has partnered with the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) for its National Outreach Program (NOP). The NOP has the philosophy that money should not be the hindrance in the quality education of a bright individual. Under NOP, a deserving student is entitled to 100% scholarship.

  • 32 students have been sponsored by Lucky Cement under the NOP.
  • Lucky Cement contributed Rs. 10,192,500 towards the educational expenses of these students during the year.

Lucky City School

Lucky City School is a state-of-art school being managed by the company at its Pezu plant. This school is for all Lucky Cement employee kids and offers quality education from Nursery to Class six.

  • 43 students currently studying at Lucky City School
  • Course curriculum is in line with international standards
  • 63 students enrolled since inception
  • All the expenses, such as stationery, books etc are provided by the company.

PEZU Scholarship

LCL places great emphasis on creating social well-being in the areas of its operations. Thus, Lucky Cement has started a scholarship program to help the local Graduate and Post Graduate students, who cannot afford to pay their educational expenses, realize their ambitions.

Hub School

LCL has partnered with Ahmed E.H. Jaffer Foundation and are funding the construction of a girls' boarding school, university, playground, parks and residential facility for the school staff.

  • It is located in the remote area of Hub Dam
  • Hub School is pread over an area of 250 acres.

Gomal University

Lucky Cement believes that sound educational progress is only possible if students are provided with facilities for physical fitness and recreation. Therefore, the company helped Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan, construct a world-class swimming pool, gymnasium and day care centre. More than 5,700 students and 794 faculty and staff members are expected to benefit from these efforts of Lucky Cement. LCL contributed Rs. 4,457,136. This initiative of the Lucky Cement has been highly appreciated by the students and faculty members of the university.

Other Educational Initiatives

Beside the above, few other educational endeavors carried out by Lucky Cement are as follows:

  • Sponsoring the cash prizes and other awards for meritorious students of Government Higher Secondary School Pezu
  • A state-of-the-art computer institute has been established near Karachi plant. The company also trained the teachers of the institute.
  • Partnership with Concern for Children- Project Kitab. Under this project, the Concern for Children trust has adopted 3 schools, in partnership with its donors. At these schools, the trust is carrying out physical infra-structure development, teachers training, syllabus designing and monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the schools. Lucky Cement facilitated the construction of these schools by donating Rs. 700,000 and 300 bags of cement.

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