Waste Heat Recovery Plant

Lucky Cement, pioneering innovation, reduced its cost by co-generating electricity by the wasted heat, which was previously being fed to the atmosphere. This power generation unit does not need any external fed fuel to operate, but it uses the wasted heat from the system as its fuel. Thus we are saving cost, environment and curtailing our energy needs in a unique way. This is a Chinese technology branded as SINOMA. The design of this plant hinges around the idea of encapsulating all the wasted heat from the production system and using this steam to heat up boilers which eventually runs the turbine engines, thus producing electricity. Apart from saving cost it is able to prove our corporate social responsibility by taking our carbon emission to minimum level. Lucky Cement qualifies for Carbon Credit allowances on this achievement under the Kyoto Protocol. The estimated annual CO2 reduction for the WHR plant at Pezu is 29,918 metric tons and WHR at Karachi Plant is 50,000 metric tons. Lucky Cement operates its own 175 MW power generation facility and also sells electricity to local electric supply companies. After the successful implementation and operation of the WHR Plant at bout the production facilities, Lucky Cement has saved 71.4 million kg of Carbon Dioxide from being emitted in the atmosphere. A major glory was recently added to the Company’s profile when we got ISO 14001 certification and proved that LCL is an eco-friendly company which satisfies all the international Environmental standards. Lucky Cement is Pakistan’s only Cement Company to have been certified with ISO 14001. Environment friendly business practices and responsibility to conserve the environment has always been on the forefront at Lucky Cement 2000-2010: 5,000 trees (target achieved) 2010-2012: 10,000 trees (target achieved) 2012-2015: 15,000 trees.

Certified Emission Reduction (CER) Credits

The Waste Heat Recovery Project qualifies for CDM under the Kyoto Protocol. The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) allows emission-reduction projects in developing countries to earn Certified Emission Reduction (CER) credits, each equivalent to one tons of CO2. These CERs or Carbon Credits can be traded and sold and are used by developing nations to finance their industrial projects. The mechanism stimulates sustainable development and emission reductions. ISO 14001:2004 Supporting the Government for a Greener Pakistan We ensure that environment preservation and progress go hand in hand, and we have initiated and invested in a number of programs that has shown results and will go a long way in maintaining a clean and green environment for our future generations. We have joined hands with the Government of Pakistan to support the President Forestation program. As a part of this program Lucky Cement Limited will plant trees throughout its vicinity during upcoming years.

Tree Plantation at various localities

Lucky Cement has always shown a front line demeanor and has adopted all the possible means of being environmentally and socially responsible corporate player. Corporate Communications team at Lucky Cement thus participated in tree plantation on world environment day and various other occasions to support the cause of cleaner and greener Pakistan. Lucky Cement’s team planted trees pledged to further extend its resources and play a vital role in leading the environmental revolution throughout the industry.

Atmospheric Pollution Control

We have taken steps to ensure minimal dust and gaseous emission from our plant. Our production lines are equipped with pollutant trapping and suppression systems to control dust particles and other emissions with the help of environment-friendly bag houses. The World Bank Standard for the dust concentration and gaseous emissions is maximum 50 mg/Nm3. Our bag filter systems are giving exemplary results and have brought the emission down to 35 mg/Nm3, which is far better than the set standards. Trees and greenery around the production facility also helps in particle emission control and acts as dust traps.

Environment Excellence Award

Acknowledging Lucky Cement’s efforts for a sustainable environment, National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH) revered Lucky Cement with the Environment Excellence Award 2010 and 2011.


In order to conduct its conservation efforts independently, WWF Pakistan approached the local corporate sector to play its role of taking up an important national cause of conservation of Pakistan’s natural heritage and take ownership of work and values of WWF, support its effort and guarantee its future. Lucky Cement very willingly became an active corporate member of WWF Pakistan and in doing so, also became a leader in fulfilling our environmental and social responsibility.

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