Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

We offer Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) that is used in all general constructions, especially in major and prestigious projects where cement is needed to meet stringent quality requirements. It can also be used in concrete mortars and grouts, etc. Ordinary Portland Cement is compatible/consumable with admixture/ retarders, etc.

OPC has easy workability and lower heat of hydration. We maintain our technical standard of quality parameter at high level and with high strength at all ages. Our OPC cement satisfies EN 196 / 197 – 1, SABS, BIS, SLSI & PSS – 232 ~ 1983 (R).

Product Specifications

Type#BrandStandard ComplianceStrength ClassAvailability
1Raj CementPS-5313-2014CEM II / 42,5NLocal Market
2Block CementPS 5313:2014CEM II / A-M 42,5NLocal Market
3Ordinary Portland Punjab CementPS-232-2008 ( R )53 GradeLocal Market
4Portland CementEN 197-1 - CEM I42,5NLocal /Export Market
5Ordinary Portland-Cement Lucky StarPS-232-2015CEM I 42,5NLocal /Export Market
6Ordinary Portland-CementASTM C 150Type ILocal /Export Market
7Ordinary Portland-CementASTM C 150Type IILocal /Export Market
8Ordinary Portland-CementASTM C 150Type III ALocal /Export Market
9Ordinary Portland-CementIS 269:201543 GradeExport Market
10Ordinary Portland-CementIS 269:201553 GradeExport Market
11Ordinary Portland-CementSLS 107: 2015CEM I 42,5NExport Market
12Portland CementSANS 50197-1 :2013CEM I 42,5NExport Market
13Portland CementSANS 50197-1 :2013CEM II / AL 32,5NExport Market
14Portland CementKS EAS 18-1:2001CEMI 42,5 NExport Market
15Ordinary Portland-CementASTM C 150Type IExport Market

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