Muhammad Ali Tabba ( CEO )

Mr. Muhammad Ali Tabba (“Mr. Tabba”) embarked on his career journey with the prestigious Yunus Brothers Group (YBG) in 1991. YBG, a distinguished family conglomerate, has established itself as an exemplar of entrepreneurial excellence not only in Pakistan, but also across the Middle East, Central Africa, Europe, and North America. With variegated interests spanning Building Materials, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Textiles, Automotive, and Real Estate Development, Mr. Tabba has significantly contributed to YBG's growth and diversification, solidifying its position as a global player in multiple industries.

Mr. Tabba assumed the role of Chief Executive at Lucky Cement Limited (LCL), succeeding his late father in 2005. His formidable leadership extends far beyond the cement industry, as he holds prominent positions as the Chairman of Yunus Textile Mills Ltd., Lucky Motors Corporation, Lucky Electric Power Company Ltd., and Gadoon Textile Mills Ltd. Additionally, he serves as the Vice Chairman of Lucky Core Industries Limited (formerly ICI Pakistan Limited), propelling the company's success through his strategic acumen.

Beyond the corporate sphere, Mr. Tabba assumes pivotal roles in industry and community organizations. He proudly serves as the Chairman of the All Pakistan Cement Manufacturing Association, and his previous responsibilities include Chairmanship at the Pakistan Textile Council and the Pakistan Business Council. He’s actively engaged in several community welfare initiatives, further emphasizing his commitment to societal progress. His presence extends to renowned universities, institutions, and foundations, where he diligently sits on the Board of Governors, guiding their missions.

Mr. Tabba's commitment to philanthropy is exemplified through his role as the Chairman of the Aziz Tabba Foundation ("ATF"), a non-profit organization dedicated to the amelioration of society in areas such as social welfare, education, health, and housing. The two cutting-edge hospitals in Karachi, namely the Tabba Heart Institute and Tabba Kidney Institute are the epitomes of ATF's significant benefactions to the community.

Acknowledging his exceptional contributions to Pakistan's social development sector, Mr. Tabba was honoured with the title of Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2010. His remarkable achievements also include receiving the prestigious Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry "Businessman of the Year" Gold Medal Award for 2012-2013. In a testament to his unwavering dedication, the Government of Pakistan bestowed upon him the Sitara-E-Imtiaz in 2018, one of the nation's highest civilian awards.

Mr. Muhammad Ali Tabba's multifaceted leadership, combining business excellence with a resolute adherence to social welfare, paints a compelling portrait of a visionary leader whose contributions continue to leave an indelible mark across Pakistan and beyond.