Investor Relation

Lucky Cement realizes the importance of interaction with the existing shareholders and potential investors of the Company and in this respect participates in various investor conferences held from time to time domestically or abroad.

For the last couple of years, LCL has been participating in national and international Conferences to meet and interact with existing and potential investors for attracting foreign investment into the Country.

These conferences are attended by representatives of Banks, Asset Management companies, Insurance companies and various other corporate individuals.

Details of Permissible business activities:

To establish, take or give on lease all sorts of Cement Factories to carry on all or any of the business of manufacturers, sellers, dealers, workers in cement of all kinds, concrete asbestos, gypsum, coal, jute, hessian cloth, gunny bags, lime plaster, whiting, clay, bauxite, soapstone, ochres, pipes, pottery, earthenware’s, artificial stone and manufacturers, builders and dyers of requisites and conveniences of all kinds.

Lucky Cement – NTN: 0009807-8

Lucky Cement – Registration Number: 0031182


For any investor related queries and / or grievances, contact our Corporate Affairs Department or visit SECP’s Investor Complaint Section.



Last updated: May 14, 2018