Lucky Cement – a role model for industries in KPK

The cement sector is considered as one of the largest and fast-growing industries of Pakistan. The cement sector has been expanding on the back of rising infrastructure activities, domestically as well as regionally. Gearing-up for the unprecedented demand in near future, an addition of two new plants will further strengthen the production capacity of the country. Lucky Cement Limited with one plant each in North and South is further expanding its operations to the central region of the country. According to many analysts Lucky Cement will have the maximum gain due to its widespread manufacturing locations and largest market share. The company is also expanding capacity at its Karachi plant with an addition of another line, with a capacity of 1.2 mtpa.

Currently, Lucky Cement Limited (LCL) enjoys its position as one of the largest producers and leading exporter of quality cement with the production capacity of 7.75 million tons per annum.
Over the years, the Company has grown substantially and is expanding its business operations with production facilities at strategic locations in Karachi to cater to the southern regions and Pezu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to furnish the northern areas of the country.
Lucky Cement is also the only multinational Pakistani cement company, with a joint venture cement grinding plant in Iraq called Al Mabrooka Cement, and plans for an Integrated Cement Manufacturing plant in DR Congo named Nyumba ya Akiba. Furthering its vision of growth, Lucky Cement along with other YBG Group companies through Lucky Holdings Limited is also the sponsor of ICI Pakistan, a household name in chemicals, soda ash, and life sciences in Pakistan.
Pioneering in innovation, the company has invested in a number of pro-environment projects at its plants including waste-heat-recovery plant, tyre-derived-fuel plant (TDF) and refused-derived-fuel to further enhance its green operations. LCL has also joined hands with Government of Pakistan to support the President’s Forestation Program and has planted trees all over the country; specifically, near its plant vicinity.
Lucky Cement is always committed to its social and environmental responsibilities and actively participates in community welfare and awareness programs. Lucky Cement strongly supports the causes that lead to an improved and informed society and regularly contributes its share in uplifting health and educational standards of the society at large and has always played a frontline role in the development of the Lakki Marwat District and Pezu area in particular. Lucky Cement started its operations in 1996 when the local population of Pezu was around 2000 people. Since its inception, LCL has been facilitating the local population in many ways including the establishment of a water supply scheme and distribution lines to provide clean drinking water to the residents of Pezu. The 9 Km long water supply line provides clean drinking water facility to the residents of the rural localities situated in the outskirts of Pezu town. The distribution line starts from Lucky Cement’s Pezu Plant and provides water to outskirts of Pezu by connecting with two wells made by LCL. From these wells, water is then passed to the old distribution lines and hence spreads all over Pezu. This water supply line provides drinking water to almost 70% of the population of Pezu, which is equal to 5,000 households. Outside Pezu, almost 2,000 households get water from these lines.
Lucky Cement has set up a dispensary clinic in Pezu for providing medical facilities and treatment to the local population free of cost. This clinic has been set up specially to support the residents of the area, employees of Lucky Cement Plant in Pezu and their family members. In addition, the company has also provided a modern and state-of-the-art ambulance equipped with latest first-aid medical apparatus with the aim of serving the employees and local community of Pezu. Lucky Cement is a major donor of the Women and Children Hospital Ghazni khel, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). This hospital provides necessary and quality maternity medical care to the poor and needy people. This hospital has a well-equipped labor room, a diagnostic laboratory, ultrasound facility and an ambulance.
The company regularly runs educational campaigns in the local schools located in Pezu, Shahbaz Khel and Yarak villages located in the vicinity of Pezu plant. It has focused on education empowerment by conducting book distribution drives in Pezu, KPK on account of International Literacy Day, reading competitions, sports activities, and interventions in infrastructure development and engagements in underprivileged schools. The company has also been instrumental in providing much needed infrastructural facilities at the Gomal University, with the provision of sports and recreational facilities at the campus.
Lucky Cement regularly raises awareness about the importance of environment in the area through various initiatives. Some recent examples of the same include tree plantation drives at the Gomal University where students, teachers, the management of Gomal University planted trees across the Gomal University campus. In addition, the company has run several tree plantation drives around its Pezu plant where over 7000 saplings were planted just last year.
Lucky Cement Limited actively works towards community development and helps the less fortunate. The company has run rural development programs in Pezu for temporarily displaced person near the Pezu area. The company regularly supports efforts in providing rescue services in times of natural calamities like flood and earthquake relief by supporting the district and local administration, the disaster management and police authorities as well as the armed forces.
On account of its CSR efforts, Lucky Cement has won numerous awards including the Environment Excellence Award, the National CSR Award, and has been constantly appearing in Pakistan Center for Philanthropy’s list of most giving companies in Pakistan.
Lucky cement is also privileged to have many awards endorsing its excellence. Forbes Asia Magazine featured Lucky Cement in its “Best under a Billion” list from Asia, a list of the best emerging companies in the region. The company was also nominated for the World Finance Corporate Governance Award 2015, and won the Managements Association of Pakistan’s Corporate Excellence Award in the cement sector two years in a row. Lucky Cement is also one of the only companies in Pakistan to have received an A+ certification from GRI Netherlands for its sustainability disclosures.