Lucky Cement cleaning Pakistan’s coral reefs

12th January 2015, Karachi Adding to its achievements of fostering a sustainable environment, Lucky Cement conducted its second ‘Dive against Debris’ campaign, a part of the global movement run by Project Aware, Australia. Lucky Cement sponsored scuba divers associated with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) to clean the ocean bed at Charna Island, a soft coral reef off Karachi Coast. Furthermore, the scuba divers identified and documented in detail everything they witnessed underwater in a larger effort to reduce marine debris, and side by side raise awareness among the masses to preserve our ocean.
Aquatic debris affects more than 250 species of marine life worldwide including 85% of all sea turtle and 40% of all marine mammal species. Marine debris is a major pollution problem affecting all waterways, and is among the most widespread, but preventable, problems plaguing our oceans. Lucky Cement Limited, upholding its role of being a responsible corporate citizen, aims to safeguard the marine environment and keep our ocean debris free.