Sulphate Resistant Cement (SRC)

By maintaining C3A level within the specified limit of 3.5%, our Sulphate Resistant Cement is more resistant to Sulphate attacks and is suitable for use in foundations near seashore and canal linings.
SRC has lower heat of hydration and its strength satisfies B.S 4027 / 1980 & PS 612 / 1989.

Product Specifications

Type # Brand Standard Compliance Strength Class Availability
1 Sulphate Resistant Cement ASTM C 150 Type V Local Market
2 Portland Cement EN 197-1 - CEM I SR3 42,5 N - SR3 Export Market
3 Sulphate Resistant Cement BS 4027:1996 / PS-612-2014 42,5 N Local /Export Market
4 Sulphate Resistant Cement SANS 50197-1 :2013 CEM I 42,5N Export Market

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