Lucky Cement greatly emphasizes in manufacturing high quality product through stringent quality control techniques and computerized control systems.
Quality of the cement has been tested and proven up to the specifications mentioned in Pakistan, British, Indian, Kenyan, Nigerian, South African and Sri Lankan Standards.

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

We offer Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) that is used in all general constructions, especially in major and prestigious projects where cement is needed to meet stringent quality requirements. It can also be used in concrete mortars and grouts, etc. Ordinary Portland Cement is compatible/consumable with admixture/ retarders, etc.
OPC has easy workability and lower heat of hydration. We maintain our technical standard of quality parameter at high level and with high strength at all ages. Our OPC cement satisfies EN 196 / 197 – 1, SABS, BIS, SLSI & PSS – 232 ~ 1983 (R).


Sulphate Resistant Cement (SRC)

By maintaining C3A level within the specified limit of 3.5%, our Sulphate Resistant Cement is more resistant to Sulphate attacks and is suitable for use in foundations near seashore and canal linings.
SRC has lower heat of hydration and its strength satisfies B.S 4027 / 1980 & PS 612 / 1989.



We also offer clinker to the customers with their own grinding units. Clinker can be easily handled by ordinary mineral handling equipment and can be stored for several months without compromising on the quality. Clinker is the primary product in the cement manufacturing process where limestone, clay and sand are grinded and heated, before the gypsum is added to produce the final product of cement.


Block Cement

By the nature of product, Block Cement is similar to the SRC, with a significantly darker color and some low setting time to meet the requirements of the market and for the production of blocks. Block Cement also maintains C3A level within the specified limit of 3.5%.


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